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The Benefits of Online Escape Room Games for Kids

Thanks to the rules regarding social distancing in these times of the pandemic, escape room games have been forced to move online...

Thanks to the rules regarding social distancing in these times of the pandemic, escape room games have been forced to move online. The whole process works exceedingly well, with a real live game master situated within a real escape room, taking instructions over any conference app from players who are comfortably sitting at home. For kids, who are stuck at home, with limited school hours and little chance of meeting with their friends, then an escape room game is the perfect time filler as well as a social meet-up.

Kids are used to the whole palaver of playing games online, so having to play a real-live escape room over the internet should be second nature for them. Not only will these games prove to e educational, but also they provide a wonderful diversion that will leave them fulfilled, content, and happy.

1. You May Learn Something New

For all kids, it's perfectly natural to want to explore and discover new facts, things, and information. This is one of the primary methods by which they educate themselves. One of the most beneficial aspects of escape room games is that the players will face completely new puzzles and clues which, likewise, will require a completely new way of thinking. Thanks to the immersive nature of the game, children will e interacting with new designs and codes, and text that they've never previously come across. This, within the context of the game and the time running, will encourage quick thinking and solutions based around new and creative ways of looking at the world. An online escape room game offers an interactive learning experience unlike any other. 

2. Piques the Senses

Playing an online escape room puts the player right in the center of the action. Thanks to the narrative been planted firmly in the imagination before the game begins and then amplified with the ongoing gameplay, the player will be fully immersed and be totally focused on the online world they are within. This means that all the senses are running at 100%. Even though the game is online, the player's survival instinct remains the same, whether it's the real or virtual world. 

3. Increases Communication And Social Ability

As a group of kids playing an escape room game, even if it's over the internet, good social interaction and communication are a must. Considering that the game induces a fair amount of stress, then being able to direct and find the puzzles and clues under extreme pressure is a great way of learning how to handle good communication when under pressure. In order to complete the challenge, the kids will have little choice but to communicate clearly and concisely. Even though they may well be immersed in a virtual world, they still need to make use of real physical channels of clean communication. 

4. Increases Memory Capacity and Ability

Getting older can surely test the memory. But for kids, everything is fresh and the puzzles and clues laid out to be discovered within an escape room scenario, are a great means of boosting their memory recall as well as their knowledge retention. Part of the game often involves recalling something from an earlier part of the proceedings, for when t's needed later on. This retention of knowledge for future use is a sure-fire way of increasing both memory and recall, which will later help the kids with their school studies.

5. Exercises Our Cognitive Processes

One of the best aspects of children playing online remote escape room games is that the worlds they enter are all new to them. his means that all the usual cues they get from the real world, just don't function as they should during the gameplay. Thus they are forced to take on board new knowledge and then have to apply this in equally new ways. This forces them to think about things in a different manner and makes them adaptable to new situations. It acts as an important aid to enlarge their abilities to think critically and apply those thoughts laterally. Every time, they complete a puzzle or find a clue, it re-enforces this way of perceiving the world and increases their ability to take in and process new knowledge.

A fancy terminology for acquiring new knowledge. As we venture into the unknown of a temple or a science lab, for example, we are taken away from the real world temporarily. We suddenly find ourselves in a situation where we are urged to take on new knowledge, of this alternative world, and apply it in unique and interesting ways. This helps us to think about the new knowledge critically and apply it laterally to achieve our goals. When we conquer the challenge, we are given a sudden boost in our ability to absorb and apply new knowledge.

6. Increases Happiness And Satisfaction

Completing a new out-of-the-box challenge, filled with new and never-before-seen information is going to create a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. The adrenaline rush they will feel as they make their way through the game will also reinforce the "achievement factor". Add in the team's feelings and the camaradery and sense of accomplishment will be something remembered for some time.

7. Creating Unique Memories

When the kids have completed their escape roo, irrespective of whether they did so within the time limit, will create a wonderful sensation of having taken part in a shared adventure. After the game, there will e lots of animated chatter as they discuss different ways they might have done things. ut reflecting on these experiences will bring all the players closer together as they have all shared a common activity, and more importantly, worked together to try and achieve a goal. eeling the pressure together and yet completing the game as a team will stay in their memories for a long time after the game has finished.

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