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Escape into the Dungeon of Fear this Halloween

The scariest set of Escape Rooms to go to this Halloween

Does anyone remember how Halloween was as kids? From dressing up weirdly without thinking about the perfect photo, to going Trick or Treating with our squad, Halloween was a celebration that is unmatched with any other. One of the best things that we did as kids was to make schedule of all the movies and shows that were running a Halloween special and watched it on repeat until shifting to the game of sharing scary stories with your friends. As we grew up, Halloween continued to be fun except we had to up our game a little more to scare our adult selves.

Scary movie marathons are one thing but nothing beats the feeling of experiencing terror in a haunted house or an Escape Room. Now what if we told you, you could do both of it with our list of scary Escape Rooms that will haunt your nights for days after.

1.       The Hex Room, California:

For the people of America who live around Anaheim, California, this has to be in the Halloween plan book. Before you decide to jump into this, kindly note that this is one of the hardest and scariest Escape Rooms there is. The life-like horror house with strange looking entities creeping all over, round the clock will definitely make you scream more than you’d anticipate. Most escape rooms would need you to escape, but this goes one notch higher where it is more crucial that you survive the journey rather before escaping it. So dear players, kindly ask to sleep with your partner/friends/family later in the night because you won’t get out of here without spooking yourself out! 

2.       The Asylum, Louisiana:

The very name sends a shiver down the spine, doesn’t it? Imagine an Asylum where 7000 people have died. Your friend Jenny runs into the darkness and doesn’t return. The door is locked behind you anyway so there isn’t much you can run away from. But all you have to decide is, will you go to the mad doctor looking for your friend, or will you let him come for you? 

abandoned asylum

3.       Spooky room 479, New York City:

A student that you are, you’re locked in the dorm with only one other uninvited guest. Before you think it sounds easy, remember that the escape rate is really low and that while you try to understand it, you will have so many whispers and strange noises trying to corner you and take you away. So are you ready for school, kids? 

4.       Escape the Serial Killer, New York:

Located in Cheektowaga, do not be relieved that is a human and not a ghost. A crazy lunatic is far more aggressive, creepy and real than the ghost. Getting locked alone in the lair of a Lunatic is only the start of the problem. You will see soon that the things you will have to see and witness are far worse than the lunatic himself. A grotesque set and the anxiety of the environment will leave you running and screaming for your dear life.

5.       The Basement, Los Angles:

Located in the city of glam and glitter, here is a basement that is cold, dark and everything a nightmare is made of.  Imagine a serial killer practicing taxidermy kidnaps you and a friend of yours and locks you up in his hide out spot. Edward Tandy, the name he goes by, has a severe case of taxidermy and you will not be spared if you don’t etch out a plan to escape. This has been reviewed as one of the scariest escape rooms so watch where you go. 

So this Halloween, leave the fear factor to us. We will make sure they find you, hunt you down, and scare the hell out of you.

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