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Convincing a Friend to Play a Virtual Escape Game

It's only natural that we want our friends to enjoy the same things that we do...

It's only natural that we want our friends to enjoy the same things that we do. So there's nothing quite like that sinking feeling as you're all pumped up to try out something new you've just discovered, only to have your friend say they're not interested. And it's even worse if they say it without so much as looking up at you, as they continue watching some brain-deadening rubbish on the television. We guessing that some people are lazy and others are so jaded that no matter how much fun ad excitement might be waiting for them, they can't be bothered.

There are all sorts of excuses waiting, and so we thought we'd compile a list of the most common along with the response.

“What, a  Whole Hour?”

Yes, it's a whole hour. But there are slow hours and then there are faster ones. We can promise that this hour will fly by in a matter of frantic minutes. From the moment you log-on and start to play, then there's so much to be involved with, you will not have any time to even glance at your watch. These games are not designed to be a walk in the park. far from it. They are a challenge, with puzzles and clues to sift through, as well as the fact that you're racing against the clock. The whole game goes at break-neck speed and there's a real sense of euphoria when it's over.   

“It Sounds Scary.”

Errr...it's an online game. There's nothing to be afraid of at all. OK...to a small degree you could compare it to console games. And many are indeed completely immersive. The scarier ones do have jump scares and loud sudden noises. But an online escape room is more about the hurry to complete the game before the time runs out. Yes, there are some games with scary elements, but as you're watching through your portable internet devices, there's nothing to be afraid of. Remember that you're in a virtual room with your friends. You can see all of them on the conference app screen.

“I’m Not Good at Working Under Pressure.”

But it's not just you! There will be all your friends playing at the same time. Not only that, by design, the game is built for teams to cooperate and help each other move forwards. The games master will find the various objects, clues and riddles and you'll have to work with your team to answer them. Some of you will be working on one problem, and others will be engrossed with different puzzles. If you happen to get stuck as a group, well there's the very kind and ever helpful game master. If you ask nicely, he'll drop you a hint.

“I’m Bad at Puzzles."

The thing about escape room games is that you don't need to excel at all types of puzzles and riddles. Some are purely logical. Others may involve searching and matching several separate things to make a complete answer. The possibilities are endless. The game is designed to give everyone playing the possibility to discover things using a huge variety of skills and insights. Some players are more visual and others more logical. It doesn't matter, as everyone will find their calling as they progress through the game. 

"It's Too Expensive."

Going to a virtual escape room is no more expensive than going to the cinema or going out for an evening. Though the game is only one hour, it'll feel like you've crammed a huge amount into those 60 minutes. Yes, the time will fly by. But...what a time! After the game is over we are certain that you'll be ready to play again. You and you're friends will be chatting about the game well into the night. Clues you missed. Puzzles you would have tackled differently. A thousand and one things that only hindsight can tell you. With so many different games available over the internet, you could well play the next game in another continent. 
Just leave your skepticism at the door.

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