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10 Terrifying US Escape Rooms

When a fright night is what you're looking for.

In many ways, today's younger generation are much harder to scare than older folks. Perhaps it's having been bought up on a diet of increasingly gory and scary movies that has made many people almost totally unaffected by the usual scary tropes. Because horror epectations tend to go higher each time a player has expereinced a horror themed escape roomgame, it means that escape room business owners are always on the look out for ways to make the games more immersive and horrific at the same time. 

From thier humble beginnings, escape rooms were just some puzzles and clues set againghst a clock. But now many will spice up the games by having actors chasing the customers around to create a more realistice horror experience. Right now, the escape room genre has surpassed the huanted house expereince, as a prime deliverer of shocks and scares. Today, many eascpe rooms are actually designed to be as frightening as possible, and players just love them. Once the narrative has been relayed, then the game takes on a more immersive and scary propersition.

Since their inception in Japan in 2004, escape room games have spread the world over. In the US, it's big business, and you'll find escape room game companies in virtually every city. One of the factors that is driving sales are the creation of horror based gaming experiences, with some even based on franchises like the SAW movie series. So let's have a look at some of the best horror themed escape room games to e found across the US.

The Basement in LA

This game is situated in Los Angeles, and is one of the most famous escape rooms in the world. And it turns the level of horror up to full max. For a start, in the beginning, all players are hooded and then taken to a chain links fenced cage. The narrative is that you're being held by a cannibal. You have 45 minutes to solve all the clues and make your escape. If you fail, then expect to be “captured, caged, and consumed.”

The 13th Escape In Louisiana 

This company offers 6 escape rooms, and all with a horror based theme running through them. But in order to up the ante, they don't use actors, but rather rely on your own fears and terrors. In particular, they make great use of claustophobia, with tiny and dark rooms. In fact they play a great deal with the ideas of being trapped. So, though these games don't have jump scares, they offer a more viceral experience, which builds up tension as the games proceed. The themes include being trapped in a insane asylum, seraching for a prisoner on death row and being trapped in a darkened room. 

The Escape Room in North Carolina

This game revolves around the uubonic plague, with 2 rooms. There's the aptly named, "Plague Room" and the "Cure Room." You will need to avoid the Plague Doctor as well as the plague zombies. In order to create a feeling of terror, actors will try to touch the players. All players much sign a paper before they start to play to agree that they will follow the termd and conditions. One of these if that the players are forbidden from touching any of the actors on penalty of being thrown out.

America's Escape Game in Orlando, Florida

Set in the wild's of Oregon, this game centers on the charactor of an old man, known as the "caretaker". Some years back, a geneticist released a number of wolf-like creatures into the local forest by accident. The players will need to escape from these monsters with the caretaker's help. What's interesting about this game is that the caretaker literally becomes a memeber of your team, and you'll need to assist him, as much as he'll assist you.

EscapeUnlocked in New York City

This is one scary game. Called "The Spookroom," the narrative states that a collage dorm room has been locked and off limits for years. Yet everyvnow and again, strange noises could be heard eminating threw the walls. You have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles in this paranormal themed room. Once you enter the dorn, then the door locks itslef behind you. The room is really designed for an almost expert level, with only 25% managing to complete the escape room game.

The Bates Motel Escape Rooms in Pennsylvania 

This game takes after the Hitchcock movie of the same name, with Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh, which is often named as one of the scariest movies ever produced. Unfortunately, there's no shower here. The escape room story revolves around iscovering secret gold. As you search this sprawing Victorian Gothic mansion, youll need to keep an eye out for Norman Bates, who could turn up at any moment.

The Enigma Room from EscapePittsburgh 

here there'sa choice of a couple of different setups: Alchemy and Meltdown. With fantastic set design, these rooms have an almost professional horror feel to them. The Alchemy room features "Old World Science" and there are codes, clues and notes from oldenday scientist along the likes of Leonardo de Vinci. Essentially you need to break out of a Renaissance themed workshop. Meltdown features the well known radiation leak that'll need fixing within 45 minutes or everone is toast.

John Doe From Escapegames NYC

If you think of the Hitchcock movie Rear Window, with James Stewart and Grace Kely, then that the style of story we're going for here. The subtle idea of quiet suburban paranoia. When your recluse but strange neighbour is out for the evening, you pop over to investigate his home. Gradually the story will evolve into a murder mystery, with you having 60 minutes to make your way out. Remember that your homicidal neighbour can/does return at any minute.

Breakout From Breakout Games

This is an escape room franchise that's spread it's goodness all over the US.There are a huge number of rooms, with most of them heavily focussed on the horror themes we all know and love.All of these have excellently chilling narratives and are mostly modelled on Hollywood style horror tropes. As a player, you can also play the villian or a kidnapper. In the kidnapping, the players are all blindfolded and led into a weird room, from where they have to escape. Because of the extremely intense nature of these games, most are for only 30 minutes. 

Cat Kingdom From OMEscape

This is 60 minutes of pure bizarre horror, and is based on an old horror story from anceint China. There are 2 unique escape rooms, and they all offer super-high quality production values as well as original mindbending puzzles. In one scenario, you're trapped in the Kingdom of Cats, a world ruled over by felines. The only means of escape is to take part in a "wisest cat" competition. Another room, called Dark Altar, features diabolical themes, with dark powers and rituals of death. Then there's a room called Joker's Asylum, which has a truely terrifying race againgst the clock. 

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