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Top 8 Unique Remote Escape Room Experiences

The market of Remote Escape Room grows day by day, now we have collected the 8 most unique experience that you can play form anywhere in the world!

The market of Remote Escape Room grows day by day, now we have collected the 8 most unique experience that you can play form anywhere in the world! The article does not indicate any kind of order or rating of the escape games on the list, as they are giving a unique incomparable experience for the players.

Project Avatar

Project Avatar is the most ambitious concept we’ve seen in the landscape of remote escape rooms so far. Online escape rooms offer quite a range of variety regarding the implementation they use, whether they are point and click games, text based games or remotely controlled games hosted by an actual, on-site game master—however, Project Avatar is something else. To sum it up, imagine the intersection of video games, movies and escape games. We could try to explain the concept in length, but the absolute best way to get what the game has to offer is the most obvious one: try it. It’s an absolutely fun experience.

Project avatar - Free to explore escape game

The avatar roams around in an industrial area with plenty of rooms to discover. The story is mostly told through cutscenes that players trigger by entering or leaving specific rooms. We don’t want to spoil too much however. If you want to play through a charming, 2-hour long experience, look up their website here.


Exit The Room

Exit The Room is an international escape room company operating in several countries across Europe–and now also online! When Coronavirus hit the old continent, Exit The Room ceased all operations just like every other FEC. They quickly responded to the situation by setting up an online platform for their rooms and are now operating at full throttle again. They now offer games 24-7 in an attempt to entertain players all over the world. They were also one of the first ones to implement a live, on-site game master. Their main selling point however was their unique skin roster, which made every game even more atmospheric and added something special compared to the regular Zoom interface. 

Exit the Room - Online escape game

Their new website dedicated for online escape rooms welcomes players with 8 different experiences at quite appealing prices.


The Escape Game: Gold Rush

The American The Escape Game also reacted quickly to the pandemic and joined the world of remote escape rooms in May. Now they offer several high-quality, challenging online experiences that work flawlessly. To highlight at least one of them: the Gold Rush is an incredibly atmospheric escape room with great puzzles. The Escape Game also brought something unique to the table: even though they use the pretty popular Zoom app for their games, they offer custom-made backgrounds and a well-designed online inventory to help the players.

The Escape Game: Gold Rush

Besides the on-site avatar, a guide is also with you during the whole duration of the game and pays close attention to your progress. They also offer (virtual) team building games for those of you stuck at home, and you get to keep an amazing, framed photo with your team members!

Lost Escape: Steampunk Adventure

Steampunk—a real crowd-pleaser, quite popular among the masses, and now you have the opportunity to experience this vibe with a high-quality remote escape room. Lost Escape is a Lithuanian company and they also turned two of their brick-and-mortar games into online ones flawlessly.

Lost Escape: Steampunk Adventure

The classic, physical version of Steampunk Adventure is one of their most well-received rooms, so it was the obvious choice for the transformation. The game kept its amazing flow, the hosts are super nice, it’s a great experience overall.



Paruzal Escape is a bit different than our previous escape rooms on the list… but it’s a list about unique escape rooms, duh. They are specialized in online escape games, so there was no need to transform physical rooms to be able to host games via the internet. The business was established by an escape room enthusiast couple and they have been experimenting for several years now in order to find the perfect script.

If you wish to try their escape rooms, you will need to download Zoom and you will also need microphones. This time however, there is no avatar waiting for you, only a game master in voice chat. At Paruzal the GM uses D&D-style storytelling with some visuals to progress in the story and you will have to get through plenty of puzzles in order to move on with the script and finish the mission. Most importantly: Paruzal is only 15 dollars to play/person and that’s the cheapest escape room that you can find on our list.

Twinwoods: Morse Code

Twinwoods’ Morse Code remote escape room is one of the best rated ones so far: it is endorsed by both fans and reviewers. Twinwoods has a lot of experience in the entertainment industry, their adventure park offers countless programs in non-pandemic times, but there are no exceptions when it comes to Coronavirus—they had to come up with an online solution as well. The game is hosted by a game master in their real escape room, and those who participate need to guide him/her through the puzzles. You only need the Zoom application to start the adventure with your friends.

Twinwoods: Morse Code escape room

But they have a special offer for those interested in a more complex experience: have you ever combined escape games with wine tasting? Probably not. So let’s give it a try! Their package sounds like a lot of fun: two bottles of wine will be delivered to every player, and you get to listen to an educational segment about said wines before the game. If you wanted to know more about wine culture, learn about grape varieties and play an escape room while a bit tipsy, the Wine Tasting and Escapism package is waiting for you.

Trapped in the Web

Trapped in the Web offers quite a few escape rooms that you can choose from and all of them can be solved in 1-3 hours. But what makes their games different from others? They are text based rooms that use pictures and videos as clues to help you solve the puzzles, but without the help of a game master this time. The main reason behind our recommendation of Trapped in the Web is the quality and quantity of puzzles and riddles. You will need to go back to your previous tasks to make a correction, or you’ll need to think forward in case you want to solve the mystery as soon as possible.

If you wish to play together with your friends remotely, you have to share your screen via Zoom so that everyone in your group can see what you are doing–you are in charge of the controls, they are there to brainstorm together.

And one more important thing: once you purchase access to a room, it’s unlimited and you can play anytime in the future!


Mad Genius: The Truth about Edith

You might wonder: is it really possible to show even more exciting and innovative online escape rooms? Well the answer is yes of course. The Truth about Edith is a remotely controlled experience just like the other ones, but it has an amazing script! There are live actors all over the game, they interact with you and your team might feel like you are in an actual movie. They are funny, sometimes serious if required, but pretty interactive in general.

Mad Genius made the above  cool trailer for their experience as well so you can get a clear picture about what to expect. All the reviewers who played The Truth about Edith escape room have highlighted the actors, especially Edith’s character. So if you wish to give it a try, we recommend to do so soon as possible!

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