Escape room

Fantasy Escape Rooms with Movie Characters

A number of smart movie characters could definitely help you win the game. Who would you choose?

The people of the internet say that the millennial folk show passion in everything they do because of the kind of movies they grew up around. It was such a flex to be able to clearly say the spells and verses from Harry Potter. Kids grew up crushing on Princess Leia and collecting action figures of GI Jones. From Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones, all the stories showed us revolutions, passion, love, wars and the power of courage that took the story all the way to its ends and into people’s hearts. Now that we have your attention, if you’re a movie fanatic or what we call in the club a happy geek, here is a list of movie characters that could actually help you decode our mystery and help you escape the room!

1.       Hermione of the Harry Potter fame:

We grew up with Hermione along with her journey. A wide-eyed genius with the prettiest smile and someone who always somehow knows how to save her friends is the most determined person to play with. Her need to learn and achieve while being able to do things in the right time makes her one of the most intelligent characters of the movie. Her patience, determination and thoughtful actions will definitely be an asset to your team. Moreover, dear participants, isn’t she the greatest friend/companion?

Hogwarts school of wizardry

2.       Sherlock Holmes:

A name we have been hearing right since our childhood from the books our parents read. The adaptation of this character on to the big screen is hands down one of the best things happened to the cinema enthusiasts of the world. A genius who can never leave anything unnoticed is sure to study and find the clues you will need. Not to mention that as a detective, investigation is perhaps his biggest life skill and interest, making it all the more easier for you. As someone who speaks in puzzles and riddles at times, the theme of the Escape Room is sure to be of interest to him. Moreover, Escape Rooms are so obsessed with Sherlock that there are questions based on him! Now who would know Holmes better than himself?

3.       Doctor Strange, the Marvel Universe:

Now this one is almost a personal favorite. As someone who can foresee, we’re pretty sure he already knows everything. A practicing magician that he is turned out to be one of the most intelligent characters from the Marvel Universe.  Not only will he know in advance what exists where, but will also be able to solve problems with magic, even if he doesn’t have the time for it. However, note that he might not be able to communicate with you about the future because he didn’t even tell Iron Man in the end game. This does not however reduce his chance of getting you to win. And of course you know the cheat code- this dude can freeze time. So pick away.

4.       Eddie Morra, Limitless:

First let’s digest the fact that someone as attractive as Bradley Cooper is helping you in an Escape Room. Now if that has sunk in, we bring to your notice the amazing drug he uses in ‘Limitless’, NZT-48, that enhances his brain functions by fully enabling it to use and that makes him the smartest man in the world. His primary instincts of being an author also kicks in perfectly when he’d need to communicate with you, making your team work super easy! However, you must remember that when the drug wears out you will have to take over unless you have more supply of the drug for him!

5.       Professor X from the X Men Series:

Now this is a character we are obsessed with. A professor who can handle a school full of powerful mutants definitely knows how to run a team. Along with his leadership skills, his ability to control the minds of others is the winning point. With Professor, the team of Escape Room would be giving away answers to you voluntarily. Easiest win ever!

Having considered all the characters we love, we would love for you to come and play on your own because it’s all the more fun with you! Don’t forget that inside the room, you are a character yourself!

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